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August 12 to August 16 2015!

During a visit from the City of Dieppe, New Brunswick, 

Canada, to Dieppe, France, in 2000, the New Brunswick 
delegation sought to identify opportunities for partnerships  
in education, culture, history and tourism. During the 
visit, it was determined that a festival held in Dieppe, 
France, for the past 20 years – the International Dieppe 
Kite – was an excellent idea for a twinning program.
Following exchanges between the two cities and Festival 
representatives, a collaboration protocol was established 
and signed between the two festivals. This protocol led 
to the founding of Dieppe KITE International in 2001.
The Canadian festival continues to collaborate with 
Dieppe, France, on technical aspects, choice of participants, 
as well as the exchange of ideas and staff. 
Dieppe KITE International (DKI) is now an annual event 
bringing together hundreds of kite fliers from all over the 
world at Dover Park.
Dieppe Kite International is now accepting vendors that are interested in selling products at our festival. 
Dieppe Kite Internation is now accepting artisans applications to sell their product on our festival ground.
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Phone : 506.877.7878 | kite@dieppe.ca

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