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Here’s What You Need to Know about Divorce Procedure in Toronto

Even in the best of the circumstances, divorces are extremely difficult to cope with. Starting from the issues to end of an institution, this phase entails individuals to possess a Herculean strength of mind. The most taxing part is the legal procedure throughout the tenure. Top divorce lawyers in Toronto often encounter a number of situations where situations tend to get worse. This happens mostly because of the candidates’ unawareness towards the procedure.

Here comes a helpful guideline covering the major terms and conditions that one needs to look for:

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  • Family case

In this situation, the candidates need to apply individually for further progression. Here, two types of applications are valid. First comes the general application Form 8, used when the parties fail to resolve family matters. This includes property, child custody, claims for divorce, monetary acquisition etc.

Secondly, the Form 8A is typically a joint application focusing on divorce only. It implies that both the parties have consent towards the divorce. In such a situation, the parties usually settle on family matters like spousal support, property, child custody etc.

  • Financial Statement

Financial statement is the legal court form according to Canadian divorce policy. In this application process, earning individual must provide all the proofs furnishing their income. For filing a divorce, she or he needs to showcase their latest earnings including the notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency for at least 3 consecutive years.

People may opt to complete this entire process without any legal counsel. However, hiring the top divorce lawyers in Toronto can give them the needful advice to conduct the process.

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  • Filing of the documents

Filing the documents refers to the condition where the candidates must furnish a document to the court that is relevant to the divorce case. An applicant must consider filing every document which he/she intend to display in the court. This will be a continuing record having the endorsement volume. According to the top divorce lawyers in Toronto, another paperwork that needed to be done is the document volume. To stay away from the complexities, people must update the table of content each time they file a document with the Canadian court.

  • Serving the documents

This is a procedure where an applicant needs to serve the copies of legal documents and forms to both the parties and agencies. This is known as service, and it is done two ways:

  1. Regular service rule
  2. Special service rule
  • Settlement conference

This is another imperative step in this entire legal procedure. Here, the judge will directly listen to the parties for streamlining the issues. The judge generally tries to fix the problems and offers way outs for a settlement. However, if there is no settlement made, the parties are allocated next Trial Management conference.

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  • Trial

This is the last step where factors like child custody and property division come to the forefront. The major elements of a family case trial are trial records, witnesses, and process. Here, the judge may take a decisive move right away or reserve his decision to a later date.

The entire navigating procedure is full of obstacles and hassles. The brains of top divorce lawyers in Toronto can omit all the hurdles making way for the ultimate settlement. People must take the advice and suggestions of these experts to have a smooth transition even in the tumultuous phase.

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