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2016 Official Program Here

The Dieppe Kite International is comprised of three types of activity: kite flying, community activities and cultural activities.

The first stream is based on kite flying and is the main attraction of the festival thanks to the originality and uniqueness it brings to the region. Kite flying disciplines are varied and include, among others, extreme acrobatic kite flying and creative kite flying. Many activities are organized around the kite flying theme, such as kite flying by participants from around the world, a “fighting kites” contest (Rokkaku), kite making workshops, kite flying sessions for kids, adults and older adults and night flight sessions.

Admission to the site is FREE

Community Zone
Shows on stage: $6 / person
Shows on stage and unlimited access to inflatable games:
$8 / person (Wednesday and Thursday)
$10 / person (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
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